Tortas is a typical sweet made in Andalucía hundreds of years a go, most probably with arabs roots. As olive oil was main fat used, every corner of the region has olive oils sweets, but most renown are tortas de Castilleja de la Cuesta, where most crunchy, fine and delicious are produced, in pur case truly hand made.

This a flavor from the childhood, when kids use to have them as lunch break food or after coming from school with a big and warm milk glass.

They pair perfectly with tea and coffee and with savory flavors as cheeses

The origins of the company go back to the middle of the 19th century, when grandmother “Upita” began crafting olive oil tortas and other pastries by hand. Upita sold her delicacies to the locals in the village of Castilleja de la Cuesta (Seville). Her son Don Miguel de los Reyes and daughter-in-law Doña Eloisa Millán, continued the family tradition, selling the “Upita” tortas door-to-door around Seville, until local stores began carrying the tortas.

Today, five sisters and few more local women continue the tradition making Upita tortas by hand with the original recipe, hand-flattening and hand-wrapping each one. Upita tortas are made with all natural regional ingredients including:

The making process of olive oil tortas is magical, they are handmade and hand wrapped. We have a one shot home made video with no big effects or photography but really honest and authentic. Give a look to naif bottomed video and you will love the tortas a little bit more

In Upita we have a nice selection of flavors, from classis ones as anise and sesame or marcona almonds and rock sugar to savory or sevillian oranges ones. We’re always looking for new ones and they will come in the future.