Salteras is a little village near by Sevilla in South of Spain on the way to Atlantic Ocean. Company founder Rafael Romero, had a cuban great-great-grandmother who also lived at Canary Islands, where Moho sauces are coming from.

On his iberico grill-house restaurant he used to be famous for his great sauces, customers was asking him for the recipe, kept in secret in his family for generations, so he began to gift it to them. This was the beginning of Salsas de Salteras.

These sauces are made with natural ingredients, including olive oil. Is one of those products that once you try them, you stick in your flavor memories, a delicious product that takes you to sunny Andalucia,

Moho Picón

An ancient recipe from Canary Islands, spicy, full flavour, hot is not overpowering the essence of this great grilled iberico (and not iberico) meats. In a Spanish omelette sandwich - bocadillo de tortilla is amazing

The red sauce for Southern Spaniards

Moho Suave

Even if grilled iberico meats are always coming with red and green sauce we mysteriously called this as fish moho or mild moho (moho suave). It’s not only delicious with meats but great with prawns, grilled white fishes or amazing with stir fried clams!

Salsa al Whisky

Yes! Whisky Sauce! every little bar you get in Sevilla has Solomillo al Whisky tapa, a delicious treat for your palate, mild and elegant, really great for roast beef sandwiches.

The Salsa from Sevilla

Salsa Mediterránea

What a name for a sauce, sunny Andalucía in a sauce jar, sounds delicious. A hint of hot full of spices.

Use your imagination to combine this treat liquid, sandwichs, pastas, meats, anything!!

Salsa al vinagre de Módena

Even in Spain we have Modena vinegar, people loves their sweet and sour flavor and thickness so it finally turn in to an everyday use vinegar So if foodie people from Spain love it why not making our sauce too? Well you have the answer in this lovely purple jar with Salsas de Salteras character, simply yummy!

Salsa al Pedro Ximénez

If there is a wine to make sauces and reductions in Spain, it is Pedro Ximénez sweet wine, a thick wine made from raisins on the variety Pedro Ximénez. An excellent sweet sauce great for sundays BBQs or fancy moments with foie, fresh grilled or block.

A bit of Spain in a jar!