We have partners in other areas and count with relevant industry experts of Jamon Iberico, cheese from Spain, wines.

For years, Alfonso J Fernandez has been  working on the olive oil business. His family has been involved in olive oil production and cultivation for 5 generations. Living in Andalucia, largest production area worldwide, Alfonso has been teaching sales forces worldwide and doing seminars promoting olive oil from Spain to TV’s, radios and written journalist and chefs from China, to Canada, USA, France, Korea, etc.

With great communication skills he’s been working with ICEX (Spanish Government) and Extenda (Andalusian Government) promoting olive oil.

We can help you not only in technical area but also selecting your olive profile, right supplier, your brand story with a honest background, etc. With a very large experience selling olive oil, we know the market and what could make the difference on your olive oil, both with producer brand or your private label.

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Star Chefs 2010. Workshop with chef George Mendeshttp://www.starchefs.com/cook/content/2010-international-chefs-congress-wrap-savory-pastry-workshops-and-demonstrations-day-three
Six american chefs in Spain. Olive oil tasting, part of the programhttp://www.starchefs.com/cook/features/chefs-travel-spain
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Andalusian olive oil tasting in Belgium 2009 and 2010http://www.brusselnieuws.be/artikels/eten-en-drinken/olijfolie
JALEO by Jose Andres Washington, olive oil tasting Fancy Fodd 2011http://revamp.smugmug.com/Other/Gastronomic34-at-Jaleo/18007489_8dwLFC#1381575770_2sN6HqR
Star Chefs 2011. Man of la Plancha, chef Richard Blaishttp://starchefs.com/cook/events/icc/2011/day2/savory-pastry
Chicago Kendall CollegeOlive_Oil_Expertise_files/2011.10.07%20Chicago%20Kendall%20College%20tasting.pdf