Yes, I’m black and I’m garlic. But I taste different from anything you have tried before. I’m an original guy, black color, sweet flavor, I have no bitternes or hot, I’m a gastronomic sweetie. I’m one of those flavors you will never forget, something like truffles I have my special own flavor.

What I’m use for? as pickle and, of course, combined with any recipe including garlic. As one friend sais, “I’ve never tasted a better ali-oli made with black garlic”

Why I’m black? I’m a normal garlic but I spent quite a while fermenting in an oven. I’m already cocked so you can use me directly on your recipes.

Where I come from? The origin is very old and very Asian, I’m a treat over there. But that’s my story, I’m really coming from Montalbán de Córdoba, where a lot of farmers grows garlic since a long time a go and now I have shaped up my self to be the one and only organic black garlic in this side of the world.